My Memory

We lost one of the best actors ever loved, Paul Walker. As most of us know, Paul Walker was famous for his fast and furious movies he stared in. He died immediately in a car accident hitting the end of the light pole. He is payed with respect with all of his fans obviously i am his fan as well. This will be hard to get over with but we know he is now in a better place.

Walker and Roger Rodas, who was believed to be driving, died in the wreck on Hercules Street, a wide business park road, in the community of Valencia inside the city of Santa Clarita, about 30 miles north of Hollywood. The guy that drove(Roger Rodas) was Paul Walkers friend from an event they both loved doing.  I’m not just telling this story to look like baby or anything, Paul Walker was one of my favorite actors. I am telling this story because i recently lost three of my cousins in a car accident this past summer. They died in a car accident so having Paul Walker die in a car accident just gave me a flashback of how much life can not be fair to us. It had me thinking that when he died, that losing him and my cousins all had a huge impact in my life.My cousins were those type of people who loved on everyone, loved to laugh, smile, have fun and most of all have big faith in God.

My three cousins were all stars in football. Polo the one pointing up to the sky was a freshman at Texas A&M, Gaiu the one with the hat was also a freshman at the University of Utah, and then Lolo the one on top was a star in Jr high school. These three were not only amazing in sports but they enjoyed life like it was their last breath.

Their story had to do with me because i cared about of them due to their death. Not having to say i love you or something nice before they died is what hit me hard. I had no words to say when i first saw them in there coffins, seeing  how big of an impact each and one of these people gave towards people around the world was truly an amazing scene. You could know and ell that they were important to not only our family but to others who knew a little of them. Paul Walker for a fact had many people and kids who had impact on him as well. Knowing that they died as the same reason  made me stronger to share to others that driving can be dangerous and that safety is not a joke. I want kids to read this blog and have an huge impact to them and around the world.



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