How To Fix The Dallas Cowboys

1. Jerry Jones needs to fire himself

Don’t get me wrong Jerry Jones is one of the best owners of all time. I admire Jerry’s business mind but his football mind needs some expert help. The only way to save the Cowboys and the only way to save Jones from becoming the next Al Davis is for him to hand over control of football operations to a real football man with a strong vision. It’s time for the Cowboys to hire a real general manager. Someone who will take an objective look at the team’s deficiencies and make the necessary changes.

2.Get a strong minded coach

Jason Garret was a former back up for the cowboys during the golden years in the 90’s. Lets face it current head coach Jason Garrett is a mediocre coach. Since Jason’s first full season as the cowboys head honcho they’ve went 8-8 twice and are currently 5-5 this year. Jason has had well over 3 seasons to get the ship rolling in the right direction and no seeable progress has been shown. I know Jerry is a very loyal person but this personal pet project is over.

3. Improve the trenches on both sides of the ball

The Cowboys week in and week out get dominated upfront offensively and defensively. It absolutely amazes me how the offensive line gets zero push up field. Without the threat of the running game teams will simply gear up to stop the pass. The defensive line cannot get pressure without blitzing. I know DeMarcus Ware is awesome but lately he’s been attracting double teams and he hasn’t been healthy.

4 Stop giving away millions to aging vets

Jerry Jones is the king of throwing out eye bulging number to players who have one breakout year and washed up free agents. For example wide receiver Miles Austin agreed to a six-year contract extension that kicked in beginning in 2011. The deal includes $18 million in guaranteed salary. Austin signed a $3.168 million contract in June 2010. Austin’s extension is worth $54 million, bringing the total value of his contract to $57 million. Since the deal Austin has missed 12 games.


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