Mac Soccer Road to the Playoffs

It was getting overwhelmingly heated, to say the least. Everybody was playing with every ounce of heart they could convert to effort. To think that these were my teammates I was playing against was eerie, I didn’t feel any remorse from any tackle I ruthlessly made. Nor did I feel them holding anything back. As practice went on we kept up an unimaginable pace with no signs of slowing down. This went all the way through the end of practice. This went all the way through the end of the week. This followed straight into the weekend. The weekend of the Playoffs.

I woke up with an unusual feeling. One I wasn’t familiar with. But it was no stranger to me. I literally jumped out of bed with an undeniable anticipation that I carried with me the rest of the day. There was only one thing that could incite such. It was game day. Not only was it game day, on this very special day Mac soccer was to play in the playoffs. I walked straight to the café to enjoy a wonderful breakfast with some of my time that eats at the same time I do. Everyone else was feeling the same way I was, I could see it in the way they walked. I could hear it in their voices when we talked. Everyone was ready to get on that bus and head to the fields.

To say that we were pumped is an understatement. We were beyond amped. There was a dense air of positive energy. Not a player in that locker room wasn’t ready for an all out war on the field. Every single player prepared with an unbreakable focus. As I laced my weathered cleats I whispered to myself. “Every touch will be perfect. You will go into every tackle with everything you have. You will not get tired. You will not get tired. You will NOT give up. You will not quit”
I finished putting my shin guards just as our coach entered the stales smelling locker room. He spoke on our unparalleled preparation. No one trains as hard as us. No one works harder for what they have like we do. No one is as close as we are. They don’t have a family like ours. They don’t deserve it as much as we do. He did the unthinkable with in seconds. He managed to pump us up even more. The locker room roared with a frenzy of electricity. With this we took the field

We warmed up with the same energy. We played with the same. But something was wrong. We went down 1-0 within the first 20 minutes of the game. Though we commanded the field we couldn’t manage to score as the other team did. We went on to lose 3-0. It was a devastating blow that I didn’t fully take as the seniors did for that was their last game to ever play.


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