Author Introduction: Jill Johnson

Jill2Wake up, go to class, go to volleyball practice, go to track practice, do homework, and repeat; my life in a nutshell. My name is Jillian Avery Johnson. I grew up in small town Fredonia, Kansas where there are two restaurants total, one grocery store and an old time newspaper. It’s from out of that old time newspaper that I learned my first lessons about business and life in general through my family’s every day lessons. It’s not everyday that someone get’s to grow up in a family business with the pressure to one day take the business over as the owner. I became accustomed to talking to people and developing relationships with all kinds of individuals. Meeting new people wasn’t my only hobby though. My family is not only a clan of journalists, but also a bunch of retired athletes and current avid sports fans. From a very early age I was playing basketball, volleyball, and running, jumping, and throwing in track. I never had time to play video games or even watch a lot of television like the rest of my friends. Along with sports, I developed a relationship with the theatre. I always had a gift of vocal talent, but I took it further. I started acting in community plays and playing piano, saxophone, and flute. I would say I built myself a healthy foundation.

Today, I play volleyball and throw in track at McPherson College, still in Kansas. I found a love and appreciation for my quiet, somewhat boring state. I enjoy choir and, although I don’t really have time to participate in the musicals, I love to go watch my roommate act and sing in the many productions I have the privilege of seeing. School is my number one concern, though, I have dedicated my time to becoming a life-long learner and a some day an entrepreneur and teacher of music. I have set many goals and achieved many goals, but my list of goal seems to be never ending. I cannot wait to see how my well developed foundation will affect my bright and exciting future.


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