Author Introduction By Mitchell Calvert

My name is Mitchell Calvert. I am from Hutchinson, Kansas. I am coming here to McPherson College to major in Automotive Restoration and minor in Business Administration. One of my favorite things to do is work with my hands and I love classic cars making McPherson College a perfect match for me.

I like most cars earlier than 1970, but my favorites are the 1920s cars and the 1950s cars with big tail fins. Muscle cars are also in my interests although most of my favorite cars are not as powerful as them. I do not think I could pick one car as my favorite because I like too many cars. Classic cars just have style and strength that is unmatched by modern cars. Because of my love of car I like NASCAR (which is the only sport I watch). My favorite NASCAR driver is Jimmie Johnson driver of the Lowes Chevrolet. 

Now I will tell you a few facts about myself. I dislike winter because it is almost always too cold to work on my car outside. I do not like modern cars because they lack style and personality. I am a nerd and hate it when I do not receive an A in my classes. Also I was home schooled until my freshman year in high school. Did I mention I love Cars!


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