Me, Myself, and I

Hi, my name is Callie Atkins. I am from Stillwater Oklahoma, (no I don’t bleed orange) and I’m a graphic design major. Boomer Sooner! I am Native American, Japanese, Hawaiian, German, English, and Irish. I am an only child with one dog; a mini beagle named Molly. Everyone thought I would end up going to oklahoma state university, but when you live in one town your entire life, you kinda want to get away for awhile.
I currently attend McPherson college where I play basketball, sing in choir, and am apart of a group called the wolf pack; all of my close friends. We think we are kind of cool. Low key. My roommate is sunny smart! She plays basketball as well and she is probably my best friend! My boyfriend is Chandler Dohe. He is also a freshman, but he’s on the track team. He high jumps, and no he isn’t black. He can jump for a white boy!
While I am here I plan to continue studying graphic design. I love art and singing more than anything. Sometimes I think I love it more than basketball…nahh. Not yet at least. Once I graduate from Mac, I want to start a family and probably move to colorado, or wherever my job seems to take me. I love me some Oklahoma, but it’s time to get out and explore some new places for awhile! Oh and last but not least, Thunder Up! #KDforLife35



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