author introduction

Hey my name is Nichole Vorhees, but i like to go by Nikki. I’m from Riverside southern California. I was born in Kobe Japan February 25th, 1994. I only lived in Japan for a year so i don’t remember anything about it. I grew up in California my whole life and as stereotypical as this is, I love the beach. After college i want to move back to California because being away from the beach as long as i have been is awful. Another stereotype I guess would be that i play tennis. I’ve been playing for 16 years, and coach Norte Vista High Schools varsity team every summer with my sister Brooke.


My sister is my best friend and we do just about everything together. We live off campus in a small apartment together, have the same friends, and the same interests. We also play doubles together on the Mcpherson tennis team. I’m a business major, and want to open my own bar a restaurant one day on the beach. I love reading, watching movies, and making money. Since moving to Mcpherson KS last semester I’ve been unemployed, which is the first time since I was 15.  


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