Author Introduction

Jordan Alyn Dawn Haga is the name.  I’m from a small town here in good ole Kansas called Eureka where I’ve lived my whole life.  I’m a freshman and am currently double majoring in Physical Health and Special Education while cheering here at Mac.  I changed my major the day before classes started last semester, I changed from Communications to Ed.  I signed to cheer my Junior year of high school and then I was wanting to go into Bio-Chem to become a dentist.  Out of all the grandchildren and cousins on both my mom and dads side I am the oldest, I have a little sister named Paiton.  She is 12 but everyone thinks she is older, probably because she did just pass me in height at my graduation and she acts older than she is.  I have two tattoos and wanting more.  My first one I got was for my best friend/grandma who died of brain cancer in 2007, and oddly enough my parents are the ones who took me to get it done even though I was of age to go alone; I got my second one exactly six months later.  My boyfriends name is Nash Burtin, he’s 25 years old and teaches math at Humboldt High School, he is also the junior high football coach at Humboldt and the wrestling coach at Eureka. People freak out all the time when I tell them his occupation and age and always ask what my parents think about it, but my parents are five years apart so all they care about is if I’m happy; which I gladly am.  We worked at the pool together the past two summers which is how we actually got to know each other and started hanging out more towards the end summer before moving to Mac.  Oddly enough, his mom passed away of the same cancer as my grandmother which I would say grew us closer together.  I would say I have the best people supporting me in my life and I wouldn’t want to change a thing.



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