Hi there, my name is Ellis and I am currently attending college at in Mcpherson, Kansas as an automotive restoration major. I am from Taylorville, Illinois and that is where I grew up and where I call home. In addition to being a full time student at McPherson college, I also work two part time jobs. One is at Autozone and the other is at Subway. They’re definitely two opposites. A strange thing about these two jobs is that they are the exact same jobs that i had when I lived back in Illinois. This is my first year living in Kansas and man does it get cold here. I’m used to cold but not arctic. Anyway back to introducing myself, I have one brother who is older and he lives in Arizona so I dont see him very often. I love to do archery and I competed in several tournaments back home. I’ve only won two of them though. I also enjoy to hunt, fish, and make things out of raw materials. Another big thing that I love is working on old cars. When I was sixteen I built my first vehicle with my dad and that kind of started the whole restoration thing that I am in now.


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