Easy Money?

We all get those offers on how to get rich quick, but with sex-trafficking who is the ones who get rich? It is not the young girls who are doing all the “work.” Our society overlooks the areas known as the “hood” because they are scared to go there to fix anything. Where in reality it is not always those areas that need help.

Sex slaves usually boom in areas where there are big events occurring. The men in charge of these slaves know that a lot of people are away from home and might need a little entertainment. I am curious as to how they get clients. What kind of advertisement is done to get the girls out there so possible clients can take their pick on which girl they want is one question I would like to find out about.

Something that surprised me was that human trafficking is happening in Wichita. Since I am from that area that came as a shock to me. Not many people talk about it in Wichita, so many people do not know that it is a growing problem.  I would like to know when it started happening in Wichita and possible ways that I could help put stop to it.

My personal connection and worries is that I have had some friends who have talked about running away from home. When I found out that a lot of sex slaves were girls that ran away from home that kind of hit me because if my friends would of ran away there is a small chance that they could of ended up being a sex slave. It is kind of a reality check when you think that you can help people who are that close to leaving their family and that something bad could happen to them.

Throughout the semester I would like to learn about the history of human trafficking and sex slaves, like when it first began. I would also like to learn about how the men who lead the groups get away with it for so long until they are caught. I want to find out if there are groups particularly in the Wichita area that are working to stop human trafficking and sex slavery.

Whenever I hear people talking about it a few friends come to mind because they have told me that they are having fights with their parents and are thinking about running away. I have always tried to give them the best advice that I can, to have them work things out with their parents. I always wonder what else is going on that they are not telling me because a simple fight with their parents should not make them want to run away.

This semester I would like to learn more about why the girls allow themselves to become apart of it. Are they doing it for the attention, or the money? I can see how they would be doing it for the money because to them it could seem like an easy way to make a living. Human trafficking and sex slavery is becoming a growing problem in the U.S. Eventually the government is going to have to step in.


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