Slavery: Still an Issue

Four score and seven years ago slavery came to an end. Alright, it has actually been longer, but it sounded better to say it like Abe. However slavery isn’t really gone away in the last 151 years, it has just cropped up in another form. The current form it has taken is in the form of human trafficking. It is disturbing that this issue has come back again and what is more disturbing is that it may be much harder to stop then the original slavery was.

In my own personal opinion human trafficking is kind of shocking. I am horrified that people find it ok to sell young adults, and it is equally shocking that other people purchase these same young adults without any feeling of guilt. What makes this harder to stop than the previous slavery is that it is already illegal. To me this form of slavery will go on for a while just because this form of slavery has already learned how to operate under the watchful eye of the law. It disturbs me to know that these people in charge of the human trafficking.

The topic of modern day slavery is important for many reasons. The most important reason in my mind is because it is something that needs to be stopped. I feel that the more this topic is spread around and the more knowledge people gain on this topic, then the easier it will become to stop in the future. Just like the original slavery, this form of slavery needs to be put to an end because it takes people away from their families and it is wrong to treat people, especially young adults, like property.

I find some of the aspects of human trafficking and modern day slavery to quite intriguing. One of the aspects I find the most interesting, yet disturbing all at the same time, is that the people who organize the human trafficking business actually mark their young adults with tattoos. They do this like a farmer brands his cattle so he knows that the cattle are his own. The fact that these human traffickers also use high profile events such as the Super Bowl to sell these modern day slaves is also quite surprising. I think it is also disturbing that these human traffickers use events that are meant to bring people together in celebration as a way to reach out to more people in an attempt to broaden their “business.”

Since we have to cover this topic in regards to our research papers there are some directions in which I would like my research to go. The first thing I would want my research to address is why is modern day slavery able to operate so smoothly under laws that prohibit the activities? The second topic I would like to address with my research is what states are at the highest risk for people to be abducted and thrown in to the terrible world of sex trafficking?


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