The Downfall of America: Human Trafficking and Slavery

imgresBefore reading the article, watching the video, and doing some research on human trafficking and slavery I did not realize how large of a problem it is. I especially had no idea that sex trafficking follows major events, such as the Super Bowl, all over to get business. It is sad that there are so many sick people out there taking advantage of others. It is also frightening at the amount of arrests have already been made now that the FBI has started to crack down on these operations.  I have often heard there are more slaves today in the world than during the civil war era. I just had no idea there were so many thousands of slaves in the United States today. It is also surprising that so many products that people buy every day, such as chocolate bars and clothing are made by slaves. It is very important to stop human trafficking and slavery and also to understand what can be done to keep it from coming back. The people caught up in slavery and human trafficking need to be freed so that they can have a chance to live normally. As for the perpetrators, they should be kept in prison for a very long time.

I believe these problems just go to show how far the United States has fallen from what it once was. Many laws protecting our freedom keep being ignored or thrown out and new laws keep being made encouraging bad behavior and taking away freedom. I believe America will continue to fall until it turns back to God. Over the years America has turned to greed and selfishness and left many of its’ good values behind. A lot of this problem is caused by the media, especially television, because they show people taking advantage of others to get what they want, sex before marriage, use of drugs, alcohol consumption, smoking, stealing, and murder as normal everyday life. As kids grow up watching this, some of them perceive this all as good and normal and live this way themselves. This causes many people to turn from God along with other things such as greedy politicians. Greedy politicians are part of why many turn their backs on God because the politicians’ god is often money and power and they input laws just to get votes and money. An example of this is legalizing marijuana.

I believe another cause of this problem is how people raise their kids. Many parents do not punish or get after their children or make them follow directions. These kids grow up wild, getting most everything they want, and watching almost anything on television. These people grow up not knowing right from wrong and can end up in trouble later. From the statistics a lot of the children caught up in sex trafficking are runaways from bad family life and are from all over the United States, not just big cities. Many of them are even from Kansas. If kids were taught good morals at home and at school and parents taught how to raise children properly, many of these problems such as human trafficking and slavery might be able to be stopped.

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