Am I Safe?

I’m just an ordinary American girl living a normal college life, but I’m not the only one.  Maybe she or he was younger than I and just decided to go on a walk or enjoy their vacation.  Then there are people in this world that take away these average people away from their families and rip away any innocence or self-worth that person or child had.  These people ship them off like packages to other states and countries were they are sold not only as slaves but honestly a life time of rape, abuse, and loneliness.  And this makes me question, am I safe to even go on a nice walk by myself as an 18 year old girl.

I am scared every day that maybe a friend or family member or even myself will be taken and never come back.  I was planning a trip to a resort to Mexico with my best friend when my father convinced me otherwise.  I was told that resorts like the ones I was looking at are like feeding grounds for the men and women who take these poor people and children.  But, I’m not targeting Mexico because Europe is just as bad.  For example, the movie Taken is a perfect example of what I am afraid of.  Going on a trip expecting nothing but adventure and fun, then getting manipulated and then be taken and forced into the sex trafficking business.  Am I safe?

I have no understanding of why a person would be so cruel and cold-hearted and deliberately just take a human being.  They are your kind, maybe a bit different, different hair, skin color, etc.. Do these people have children?  Would they just give up their children and force them into this madness and make them suffer just like they are making other mother’s and father’s children do.  Has the world grown so cold that we don’t even see helplessness in the women and children that cry and scream as they practically drag them to their death-bed.  All I have to say is that ITS NOT OKAY.  I want to live my life without fear but with freedom.  Enjoy what life has to offer.  I don’t want to have to fear for my children when they do come along.  Will the world become that much worse?  I don’t want to have to feel like I have to carry a gun with me when I go out of the country just for my own safety because I cannot defend myself any other way.

I just wish there was hope.  Is it possible to put an end to sex trafficking?  I just pray that one day those people can see their families again.

I just can not imagine a life in that kind of industry.  Where you are getting raped and sexually assaulted by sick and nasty men who have no pride in themselves.  “But” It’s only to fulfill their “sexual urges”, well in all due respect that’s bullshit.  Personally I’d rather be shot to death than be touched and raped by filthy men.

Maybe its time to take a stand.  END THIS.


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