How Human Trafficking Impacts Me



When I think of human trafficking I think of young women being forced into prostitution. I never think of young boys and young girls being apart human trafficking. The stories I read about human trafficking impacts me personally by making think of people who are involved, and it makes me put myself in their situations.

Human trafficking upsets me when I hear stories of teenagers or little kids being forced into it. The Super Bowl story of the teenagers being taken and forced into prostitution makes me upset because that could have been someone I know or someone in my family. Human trafficking is wrong, and it scares me to think about my little sister or nephew being put into prostitution. My sister and nephew mean a lot to me and I would never want anything bad to happen to her. I think about how hard it would be to find my sister or nephew because some kids that forced into human trafficking are never found and some are found dead. I would feel like I would never see my nephew or sister again.

There was an article I read about women who was forced into human trafficking at the age of 11. She is from the state I am from, Oklahoma. I wonder if I ever saw before around Oklahoma. That makes me think about the people I see when I am out buying groceries or going out to eat. Anyone of those people I see at Walmart or McDonald’s could be a pimp or a prostitute that has been forced into human trafficking. That is someone’s daughter, and I know that they would never want that for his or her daughter. This frustrates me because those people are human beings just like me, and they should be able to live a happy life. There is help for those people, and I wish they would come out of hiding and ask for help because there are people willing to help them.

I understand why people who are forced into human trafficking are scared to ask for help. If I was one of those kids that was put into prostitution I would be scared to ask for help because I would not want my pimp to beat me or kill me. I would feel that I would not deserve the help because I would be a prostitute. No one would help me because they think it is wrong to be a prostitute, and they think that I chose to be a prostitute and not forced to be one.

I feel sad for those boys and girls that put into human trafficking because they did nothing to deserve to be sexually taken advantage of. I get mad at the people who forced those kids into human trafficking. I think it is insane that kids that are 11 and 12 years old are a part of human trafficking because of people with corrupted minds. They are wrong for forcing young kids into human trafficking.

Prostitution is growing fast in America, and it is upsetting for me to think about. Human trafficking stories of people who have been through or are still in human trafficking makes me upset, frustrated, angry and sad all at the same time. The stories makes me understand people’s situation and helps me put myself into their shoes.


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