Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is something that goes on all over the world. Human trafficking is the process of men and women being picked up off the street and sold by pimps as slaves. Human trafficking is real and it takes place all around us.

            It is often assumed that this only happens in other countries, but this problem also occurs in the United States. According to Charitysub, most victims of human trafficking start the process between the ages of 12 and 14. These are kids who run away from home or kicked out and have no place to go so they get picked up by human traffickers and are forced to walk the streets or are posted online.

            There are many different types of human trafficking. The girls in the high heels short skirts and skimpy shirts are prostitutes that are usually working for pimps. Some girls do walk the streets on their own accord but not a lot compared to the ones who are enslaved by pimps. Another way for pimps to get money from the girls and guys they enslave is to post them on the internet on video chat or websites that you can meet up and have human with the girls. With the internet being so vast in the current day and age it is very easy for pimps to post these girls without anyone realizing what is going on.

            Human trafficking has a huge impact on those who have been put through it. It effects the mental, Physical and emotional state of being. Be enslaved for human trafficking leaves a permanent scar both mental and physically that can be extremely hard to overcome. Many victims during the abuse and slavery are too scared to come out and say anything because the pimps will kill them if they find out. According to The Guardian mothers hide their girls in Mexico when armed men come into the villages because they will take the young daughters and traffick them.

            According to abc The Super Bowl is one of the most active times for human traffickers to get more victims. We can fight against this horrible event that goes on all around us. Many people believe it is not something that we can change. Everyday people know so little about it and would not have any idea were to start a change.

            People like the students at McPherson College can make a difference by spreading the word. With social media, the entire world could be made aware of what is going on. We can build the confidence of those who are victims of this to come out against the people who are enslaving them.

            I believe that human trafficking can be fixed with a little bit of help from the people of this world. We need to help make these people being trafficked realize that there is a way out and they do not have to live in those situations. If we can get the slaves to come together against this problem we have and stand up against the pimps and sick people who do this the slaves will have more confidence and therefore overpower the pimps.





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