Human Trafficking: I had no idea

Human trafficking happens to so many people all over the world, including the United States. People are trafficked for so many reasons and I think they are all wrong. Men and boys are trafficked for jobs that take hard labor that most other people don’t want to do, they usually get paid nothing to do these jobs. Children are trafficked for lots of things, since they are small, they can do so many other hard labor jobs that adults can’t do. They work in positions in textile, agriculture, and fishing industries. Women and girls are typically trafficked for commercial sex, prostitution, and most other forms of sexual exploitation.

I didn’t even know that these things happened in the United States. I know that they happened in other poorer countries, but not the U.S. It’s hard to think that while I am in college getting a degree there are people everywhere getting trafficked for absolutely no reason. It’s also sad for me to think that I was “OK” with it happening as long as it wasn’t close to home, now that I know that its happening right behind all of our backs. I think it is crazy that this is not a topic in more of our classes.


I feel like even when we do learn about this we only hear about sex trafficking. Men and young boys are being trafficked for work that most people won’t do. Most of the work is hard labor like in the fish industries and boat industries in southeast Asia. Even children are trafficked. But we don’t hear about that stuff, we only hear about the worst form of trafficking.

Sex trafficking is awful. Most of us are familiar with it from the movie “Taken” and we hear stories about it happening to people in other countries like France and Germany. I didn’t know that it was happening in our “free” country. That does not make me feel very “free”. I like to think that women are safe to be in our country, but instead they are being handed around like a piece of trash and thrown away when their pimps are done with them. Some of them are even branded and have to live with that long after they get out…if they get out. sextraffickingpicThis whole topic of trafficking is sad, the worst part is that we don’t even know about it. I just want to know what I can do to make it stop.


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