Lets have sex


Having sex for money is something all girls dream of doing. Being picked up by a pimp that takes care of you and all you have to do is have sex with random people that will pay up. Sounds like the life, selling your body for a pimp that lets you keep some of the cash and takes care of you.

Human sex trafficking is happening in the United States, in Kansas, at the Superbowl, in Wichita!!!  As a 20 year old college student I like to think things like this only happen in foreign countries and in movies like Taken. This is the only connection to human sex trafficking I had prior to what we have seen in class and read about on our own. I didn’t know this was happening to girls at such a young age, let alone in the United States.

This is a topic I cannot wrap my mind around, but yet it is happening in so many areas near me. How do girls get in this type of situation and did their parents not teach them the stranger danger rules? Also how are so many girls so unhappy, not clothed or taken care of to resort in having sex for money? Does this mean we have failed as society in putting resources out there for young girls and women? Are they being trapped into thinking this is what they have to do to survive?

Looking at this, it could be me or one of my friends, walking the streets for men that clothed me, put food on the table and gives me a job. I know you can make it sound ok, but in reality it is not. Young girls are being taken advantage of and used for sex! These girls have no where else to go so they result in selling their bodies for their pimps to “take care of them.” This makes me sick.

How does an individual sleep well at night knowing they just sent a thirteen year old girl to have sex with a fifty year old man for money! These girls think this is what they have to do to. Do these men not have wives or girlfriends or daughters? Or maybe they do and the sell them as well. This brings me to more questions. Obviously sick men are doing these kinds of things, but for what reasons? Just for money, or for the power, maybe even the drugs?

This is something that is happening all around the world. What can we do to make it stop and how do we catch the men doing this? Seeing all the numbers and ages these men are pulling young girls and women into this, what are they doing and saying to make these women want to come do such a thing. How are they keeping them there and why aren’t these men that do get caught spending more time in jail for it?

All in all this is happening all around me. I was so blind that I could not see it. But now that I do, I am terrified for the females suffering from it. This has become real in todays world. I’m not sure what lead to this but something has to be done to end it. This has got to stop.

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