Let’s put a STOP to Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery

Before I enrolled in College Rhetoric II I didn’t know anything about Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery. I knew it existed in the world, but since it had no effect on anybody I knew I didn’t think much of it. The most I ever saw or heard about Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery was in the movie Taken. After seeing the video, article and the little research I did I’m a lot more curious about the topic.

Since I have a little more knowledge about the topic, my personal thoughts are its sad to see things like that because those girls that are getting sexually abused could be someone sisters. Even though they are not related to me in any way I still feel hurt. They go day by day not know what’s going to happen to them. After reading the article about the Super Bowl they are around the ages of thirteen to seventeen. Young girls like that should be in school and living a normal teenage life. I have questions like where are their parents. Were they getting abused at home? If they were getting abused, why didn’t they seek help from someone?

Things that surprised me were in the video we watched there were massage shops that offered and you would never think outlet shops would ever do that. Those massage shops could be in the area I live in and I would never know. I’m curious in has the authority done their best to bust every shop like that or at least tired. I was also surprised they did it at big events because since they can go to jail for it I would think they would try to do it in small areas.

What can people do to reduce the rates of Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery? Since I know more about the topic is there anything I can do. I know this go on every day in world and it won’t stop unless people do something about it. I think about it a lot since I have a sister that’s in her early twenties and I have two nieces. I know no brother would want that to happen to any women in his family.

I want to accomplish finding more information about Human Trafficking and Modern-Day slavery. As a student like myself what can I do to help reduce the statistics and just get a better understanding of it? Like when did it all start and why people decide to do things like this. As a pimp what is going through their heads when they take young girls and expose them to stuff like this. Just in general I have a lot of questions that need to be answered about the topic.

I’m glad that I don’t know anyone that’s been through this. Especially like a family member because I would be hurt. These pimps need a new job because using girls like this is only going to hurt them and you being in jail. At the end nothing is good, so stop before it comes to that.


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