Prostitution is not the solution

Today we live in a world that seems to always have problems. Human trafficking is a problem, that probably will not be stopped for some time. It is embarrassing that the country that I live in is so into this topic. There is no reason to even be put into a situation some girls or guys have to go through. Human Trafficking is spread out across a large part of the world. It does not seem that way, because other topics are being discussed across the television. Sports, Reality TV, and Movies are played on TV rather than a constant update on prostitutes that are looking for a way out.

Then again that brings up another conversation, about if some prostitutes even want to leave the job. I think most of the prostitutes like the money, and that is the reason they stay around. Some I will agree got stuck into a horrible situation, that is really hard to get out of. Women seem to be easy targets for pimps to pick up.

Runaways and tourists catch my eye more than any other kidnapping action, or maybe just because I have seen the movie “Taken”. When a few girls think just they’re old enough, they believe they can go anywhere in the world and be completely safe. In that case I don’t agree. I think every place a person goes, there is a possibility they will get hurt. This should scare most people, and keep women and men aware of everything that could go wrong.

Other countries are likely to be worse than the United States. Going into a country in which you would not know the language is a hazard. I could only imagine the difficulty of trying to find a loved one, and not know what anyone is saying.

What I want and what will happen is two different views. Human Trafficking should be nuked, and erased from every persons memory. If that was the case then society would be that much closer to being respectable. To sum this topic up I believe this topic needs to be dropped in the United States at least.


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