Right Under Our Noses: Human Trafficking

Slavery. When most people hear that word we immediately think about the Civil War and African American’s being enslaved in the 18th century. That’s the exact thought I have when I hear slavery. It honestly surprises me that modern-day slavery exists. I figured it did in countries such as China, Japan, and other Middle-Eastern countries due to the need for labor. The fact that it is happening in the United States, even in some of our hometowns is truly shocking. Also the fact that it is now put under the term human trafficking. When I first heard our topic was going to be human trafficking I had no clue what you meant. I am glad we are going to get informed over the course, here are some reasons why.

I am interested to know how many girls my age or younger are thrown into such horrible environments. Why they believe they deserve the treatment that is being given to them. It honestly bothers me that even when they get taken out of those situations they still don’t think they need the help. When I hear the statistics, see the videos about this topic it makes me think about myself. How if I wasn’t brought up in such a good home and loving family I could be one of those girls walking the streets and trafficking myself. I am a little biased thinking that no one has problems, that every family is like mine, loving and supporting.

This topic is important that we learn. It is clearly a growing issue, and an issue that isn’t brought up everyday on the news. It is an issue that makes me and I believe many other people uncomfortable. We would like to think that this is just an issue overseas, that it isn’t happening under our own roof. Not that people we know are being used, forced, sold, into a life that shouldn’t be wished upon anyone. It is also scary to me that the internet is being used to solicit these girls. It is very easy to hide things on the internet. You can use a whole list of secret code to get around law enforcement. If only a select number of people know about it than it is even easier to not get caught. To think that some of these prostitution rings could go on for years is terrifying. How many girls are going to go in and out of the system.

Final thoughts is that this topic should be brought up more in our daily lives. That it needs to be broadcasted on the news and inform the general public what the potential threats are. I want girls to know that there are other options than prostituting themselves for money. I am glad that we are going over this topic during the course of the semester.  It is going to help me gain more facts and knowledge about the topic that I can go on and share with others. Informing them why this is a growing problem in our society we need to be aware of.



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