Slavery, a crime against humanity

This isn’t the first time I’ve learned about slavery, i learned about it briefly in high school but not nearly as in depth as we’ve gone so far in the first couple weeks of class. that being said, before taking rhetoric i knew that slavery was still around, i just didn’t think it was a problem in the United States. I guess the movie “Taken” is to blame for a lot of the misconceptions i have about human trafficking. I dont know if youve seen the movie but in this film Liam Neesons daughter gets captured by Albanian sex traffickers and he has to go save her. After watching this great film, i just thought “hey that’s some crazy stuff that goes on over-seas” i guess i never considered that kind of evil being so close to home, maybe its because the thought scared me so much. i view slavery/sex trafficking as the worst crime a person can commit other than murder. The reason i feel this way is because human traffickers steal peoples lives and profit off of forcing them to do horrific things through intimidation, and manipulation. i cant think of a worst kind of person, hypothetically if i were one of the people in charge of running these operations i wouldn’t know how i would be able to live with myself. On a lighter note when i think of the people in charge of these human slavery operations, for some reason i think of Lesli Chow from The Hangover. Personally ive never had any kind of connection to this topic and i hope things stay that way, its pretty screwed up. As far as research goes im pretty interested in looking into how law enforcement is trying to put a stop to slavery. the article we were given over slavery and the super bowl talked a little about the law enforcement side of things, i thought that was pretty cool. the sad thing is even if there is law enforcement searching for these people, i feel that slavery will always be around because i feel that there will always be men evil enough to the instruments of such a thing. the thing about this topic that makes me uncomfortable is probably the sex/prostitution side of things. i just know that those women are peoples daughters and its crazy that theyre treated like someones property and like they arent human beings.


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