Slavery: Beneath the Surface

In the past, slavery was an imagine of Africans being captured and transported to different parts of the world. Being beat by their owner, working on huge plantations, and exhausted by the scorching sun. Today breathe the surface, slavery come with difference names without prejudice and discrimination leading to a underground world that many people did not know existed.

Given the facts, that the international conventions like the Slavery Convention of 1926 or Forced Labour Convention of International Labour Organization are important achievement of humanity, reality proves that documents are not enough to stop such a disgusting and anti-human actions as human trafficking or slavery. It means that our society needs to undertake additional measures in order to solve this problem. As far as I can see, there are different types of slavery that still exist today. Among these types are bounded labour, descent-based slavery, early and forced marriage, forced labour, trafficking, and child slavery, which is definitely the worst possible form of slavery.

Luckily, I know about the problem of slavery mostly from mass media, books, and movies. I do not have any actual connection to this issue. Nonetheless, it still bothers me a lot. The inability to accept that millions of people simply ignore the existence of modern salary. They pretend like nothing happens, and live in their own golden cages. Sometimes these people even have certain power or authority, which makes them able to make a difference, but they do not want to waste their priceless time on solving such problems.  I feel myself, government, business, international organization, and consumer has a role to play for every particular occurrence of slavery, and this feeling is the key to solving the problem.

Within a framework of this topic, there are two aspects that interest me the most. First of all, I would like to understand why international intervention into domestic affairs of certain countries cannot solve the problem. Modern technologies make it easy to find out the owners of slaves and to apply measures in order to stop their illegal and official business. So, I simply cannot understand why the problems still remains unsolved. Second of all, I am very interested in personal aspect of this problem. Of course, it is understood that modern slavers do not have an opportunity to report about their situation and conditions. Nonetheless, what about all those people around? How someone can be a witness of slavery and happily live his or her life not making any attempts to save the lives of others? I do understand that our world is complicated, and my questions are not likely to be answered.

In conclusion, “slavery is still happening, it just moved to modern methods” (  I would like to say that current situation with slavery in the world cannot be left without attention and intervention from everyone. The holders of power and authority must use their position in order to solve this global problem. Otherwise, we simply won’t have a right to call our world a modern one.


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