Ellis Wardall

Kristen Marble

Rhetoric II



            When most people think of slavery, they think of the civil war era and Abraham Lincoln. The sad reality is that even though slavery was abolished over a hundred years ago, it still exists today. Slavery exists in every country and every culture. For some countries slavery is a commonplace occurrence and no one even thinks twice about it.

            Now when I think of slavery I actually think of several things. One of which is slavery in biblical times, another is the obvious one of slavery in the 1800’s, and then I think of what slavery has become today. Slavery in biblical times was interesting and I honestly don’t know a whole bunch about it, but from what I understand, slavery then wasn’t nearly as bad as what slavery was in the 1800’s. Even though the people were still slaves, they were still treated as people and not animals. Most of the time they were only slaves for a certain amount of time. At this time a slave could also buy his freedom. I don’t know how he or she would make any money so that they could buy their freedom, but I do know that it was possible.

            Slavery in the 1800’s is the kind of slavery that everyone immediately thinks of when they hear the word. We think of Mississippi and Alabama and cotton fields. According to me, this was the worst type of slave. My reasoning behind this is because these slaves were not even treated like humans. They were treated like animals, not even shown any mercy at all, and were punished to no end for the smallest offense. Most of the time they would be punished by whipping, but sometimes they were put in a hot box for days and not given any food or water while they were inside it. The life that these slaves had must of been horrible and I don’t even know how a human could even work as hard as the slaves of that time had to.

            One other type of slavery that comes to mind when I hear the word is modern day slavery. Modern day slavery can be several things. Two of the major types of slavery that most people think of is human trafficking and forced prostitution. Human trafficking is a very cold business and is very inhumane. First people are kidnapped and then auctioned off to the highest bidder. The buyer or “owner” can do whatever they want to do with them after they pay for the person. Forced prostitution is also very common, especially in big cities. Most of the time a pimp will lure in young girls who are just out walking around and will promise them lots of things and then he’ll suddenly start forcing them to prostitute themselves by threatening them if they don’t do it.

My thoughts on slaver is that it is bad, but that even though there are laws banning it in almost every country, it’s still going to happen. It’s a sad reality that slavery still exists today and its awful for the people who get caught in it but I don’t think laws are going to help it go away. The only way that slavery will go away is if the people still enslaving people have a change of heart and see that slavery is wrong.


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