Was it always there?

Abraham Lincoln had abolished slavery back in 1865 to free all slaves in the United States.  With him doing so, he opened an all new door for the Africans.  Little did anyone know that this had opened a whole new world, or was it already there before just no one saw?

To be completely honest, I did not know that there were so much human and sex trafficking in the United States.  I somewhat had a thinking of there being sex and human trafficking but not as much as I have read about Super Bowl weekend.  It is upsetting how many teenagers, my age and my sisters age being trafficked like that.  I can’t even begin to imagine what those families have to be going through, like I don’t even know how I would react if that were me or my sister.

Being in class I have learned a lot about human trafficking and I cannot wait to learn more.  All these types of things are actually pretty interesting to me.  I know its just a tv show but Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is my absolute favorite show, its interesting to learn about how pimps think and how the children react to being saved/rescued.  Its sad to see young girls have to go through this just to earn money or find someone who they think cares about them.  The video we watched in class also opened my eyes and scared me a bit, about the fact that some of the victims rescued were from Kansas.  I just sit and wonder how these pimps or how the girls get from state to state without being unnoticed.  Is is the fact that their parents don’t care that they are missing or the fact that these pimps are so sneaky they can get the girls across the country so easily unnoticed?

I can go on and on for hours but only having a limit to 500 words it difficult to fully give my opinion on these matters.  It drives me crazy how some of these girls and boys think they have it so much better than they did with their friends and family.  I understand how some run away because they are being abused, but running away to someone else who will abuse you is even worse.  Especially when all they want you for is to sell you for money, and sometimes it could even lead to death.  Sometimes I don’t even want to hear any of this because of the fact that my sister turns 13 in August, which is the age some of the girls start out, or at least the age of the rescued from Super Bowl weekend.  Now that I am starting to look into this more it terrifies me and makes me want to bring my sister with me everywhere just so I know she is safe.  I wish it were as easy to tell these pimps and teenagers to stop what they are doing and look at the mistakes they have made, but its not.  


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