Where Do We Stand Today?

I am currently a young female living in today’s hectic society. That is dangerous for more than one reason. Not only am I a female, but also I am still a teenager. Being both of those, I fall hard into both categories of Human Trafficking, and Modern-Day Slavery. After a few weeks of class, we have learned about resent events, and the seriousness of these topics.

I knew little bits and pieces about child slavery before this class, but I didn’t know the details. There have been many cases over the past couple of years, but they aren’t known to the public as much as they should be. Probably the most recent event is the super bowl. After reading the article about how they used that big of an event because there are lots of people, it made me think about how many other times that occurred and no one did anything about it.

The other thing that caught my attention was the video about how venders would use something as simple as a spa to get customers. I could have easily been in an environment like that without knowing at all. It blows my mind how much of this stuff goes on around us, and we are completely unaware of it. We catch the big stories like the KONI2012 child soldiers in Africa, but there are very few stories put out about the events that occur in the United States.

My opinion on all of these subjects is that they are completely sick and wrong. I wish there was something I could do more now to help stop all of this from happening; especially because the age range is not very large, and the kids are pretty young for the things that are happening to them. Like I said before, I know very little about this subject and I am very eager to learn more about it. I don’t really have a personal connection to these subjects other than I know it happens around me. I don’t really know anyone that has been affected personally by this.

Over all, I hope that we can come together and try to stop all of this from happening. If more people were aware of the issues that are occurring, then they could be looking for simple hints that something is going on near them. I know there’s no “right way” of stopping this from happening, but maybe if we took it step by step we could get closer to solving this problem of human trafficking, and modern-day slavery. 


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