Survey Analysis Report: The sex affects

slavery image 1After looking at the results of our survey, Carson, Darius, and I realized how little people know about the affects of prostitution and sex trafficking. People in the community are aware of prostitution and sex trafficking victims, but they don’t understand how they are affected and how damaged they become after they escape. In our survey we cover subjects like how the children are affected, what happens specifically after the victims escape, and what the community should be doing to help this issue. 84% of the people that took our survey said that it is possible to get out of prostitution successfully; however, 68% of them said they know 0-3 ways that prostitutes actually get out of trafficking. Only one person knew 10 or more ways for a victim to get out.

The general age of people that took our survey are from 18-24. We also asked a few professors and coaches to answer the question. We think this is beneficial because this is the generation that is typically being trafficked in America. In other areas around the world the age starts a lot younger, but here it is a lot closer to home than we think. Speaking of closer to home, based off the results of our survey, we realized that most people are unaware of what is going on around them. We asked what prostitution and sex trafficking meant to our students, and only one person answered with a personal story of knowing someone that had been trafficked. Everyone else said it didn’t mean anything to them, or that it would if they knew how to help more.

70% of the people said that it is impossible for a victim to go back to their normal lives. So thinking about that, shouldn’t we as a community be trying to help them return to anything normal? There is a town in Massachusetts that is setting up a shelter for victims to go to and feel save. They are taking care of anyone that comes to the shelter, and giving them a sense of “home” again. A victim of trafficking is forever damaged, and their children are even affected. That is if they are even able to still have children.

Every single one of the people that we surveyed said that we should be doing things to support the victims. The problem that we found is that no one knows how to create a support group because they know little to nothing about prostitution and sex trafficking. Again, all of them said they would help if they knew how. We think this issue needs to continue to grow in the eyes of the public. You hear about it happening in countries all over the world, but it is just as serious right here in our own backyards.

pie chart one

pie chart two

Callie Atkins: After looking at the results of our survey, it made me realize how little our community really knows about prostitution and sex trafficking. The focus was on what happens to the victims after they escape, and how they are affected. I knew a little bit, but the results reinforced my thoughts. One of the questions was “Do prostitute victims ever go back to their normal lives after they escape?” and the over all answer was no. Most victims are strongly affected after they escape. Their children are also affected, and their job selection is sometimes poor from what the answers to the survey had said. I also found out that the majority of the people that took the survey don’t really know a lot about prostitution and sex trafficking. They hear about what is happening, but they don’t know the seriousness, or how close it is to them in their own communities. The survey also revealed that no one really knows how to take precautions and how to stop this problem from happening. I think that it is important to understand how close everything is to you, and what you can do to help prevent it. Prostitution/sex trafficking is a serious issue in our country and all around the world. I wish more was being done to take care of the victims after they escape because they are so damaged and broken.

Carson Clay:  I have learned that people of my own age barely know the effects of sex-trafficking and prostitution.  I think that is because they know little of sex-trafficking and prostitution, but they agree we as people need to have support groups for the people who escaped and are affected by sex-trafficking and prostitution.  Making support groups would definitely benefit those who are affected by sex-trafficking.  The results of the survey said every one of the people we surveyed agreed we needed support groups.  84% of the people said it was possible to get out of prostitution, but 68% of those people knew of 0 to 3 ways prostitutes can escape from sex-trafficking.  The people want support groups because the results said 70% of the people believe escaped prostitutes cannot live a normal life.  The other 30% percent said it they could live a normal life after sex-trafficking.  It surprises me that my peers know little of sex-trafficking, and how people are affected by this major problem in our society.  Support groups for those who have escaped are needed, and we as a society need to come together and find ways to build support groups for these people.

Darius Hill:

Now that I learned more about sex trafficking I have a better understanding of everything. To young girls getting introduced to prostitution to trying to escape from such a terrible thing. It’s frustrating to know there are a handful of people know little about the affects of sex trafficking and the problem will keep happening unless more people do their research about it. I was one of those people and since I know now I’m willing to help. People that know should form groups and come up with solutions to the problem and that group can go other people and they can form groups and so on. It’s only going to help the people in need.traffickingMedium2


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