Survey Analysis Report – Collin French, Nick Torres, Preston George


Our group wanted to know how many people were aware of sex trafficking along with how much they knew about it and if they thought it was a problem. In addition we wanted to find out how many people knew who Joseph Kony was and some basic things about him and his operation. To make things even more interesting we decided to choose twenty five females and twenty five males to see which sex is more aware and has more knowledge on sex trafficking and Kony. The people we surveyed were random students on campus. Our biggest challenge with the survey was getting people to actually fill it out. A lot of people didn’t want to take the time to fill it out. Another problem was making sure we had exactly twenty five females and twenty five males.


This is our survey questions. To the right of each question is the percentage of people who selected that answer. Questions one, two and six have no correct answer, they are their opinion or asking how much they know. The correct answers are marked in bold.

1. How much do you know about human trafficking?

A) Nothing                                                           Female- 12%   Male- 28%   Total- 20%

B) A little                                                             Female- 36%   Male- 40%   Total- 38%

C) More than average                                            Female- 28%   Male- 20%   Total- 24%

D) A lot                                                                Female- 24%   Male- 12%   Total- 18%

2. Do you think human trafficking is a problem?

A) Yes                                                                 Female- 76%   Male- 64%   Total- 70%

B) No                                                                   Female- 24%   Male- 36%   Total- 30%

3. What is the average age that a person becomes involved in human trafficking?

A) 9-10                                                                 Female- 4%    Male- 12%   Total- 8%

B) 11-12                                                               Female- 16%   Male- 20%   Total- 18%

C) 13-14                                                               Female- 20%   Male- 16%   Total- 18%

D) 15-16                                                               Female- 24%   Male- 20%   Total- 22%

E) 17-18                                                               Female- 36%   Male- 32%   Total- 34%

4. According to the U.S Department of Justice, how many children are at risk of being prostituted?

A) 100,000                                                           Female- 36%   Male- 32%   Total- 34%

B) 200,000                                                           Female- 32%   Male- 40%   Total- 36%

C) 300,000                                                           Female- 16%   Male- 16%   Total- 16%

D) 400,000                                                           Female- 8%     Male- 8%     Total- 8%

E) 500,000                                                           Female- 8%     Male- 4%     Total- 6%

5. What has been called the single biggest trafficking incident in the United States?

A) World Series                                                    Female- 40%   Male- 40%   Total- 40%

B) Super Bowl                                                     Female- 48%   Male- 52%    Total- 50%

C) World Cup                                                       Female- 8%     Male- 4%      Total- 6%

D) Olympics                                                         Female- 4%    Male- 4%       Total- 4%

6. Do you know who Joseph Kony is?

A) Yes                                                                 Female- 80%   Male- 72%   Total- 76%

B) No                                                                   Female- 20%   Male- 28%   Total- 24%

7. How many children do you think are and have been involved in Joseph Kony’s operation?

A) 5,000                                                              Female- 32%   Male- 28%   Total- 30%

B) 10,000                                                            Female- 36%   Male- 32%   Total- 34%

C) 15,000                                                            Female- 16%   Male- 16%   Total- 16%

D) 20,000                                                            Female- 12%   Male- 12%   Total- 12%

E) 20,000+                                                          Female- 4%    Male- 12%   Total- 8%

8. Where is Joseph Kony’s operation taking place?

A) Europe                                                           Female- 4%     Male- 4%    Total- 4%

B) South America                                                Female- 16%   Male- 20%   Total- 18%

C) Africa                                                             Female- 72%   Male- 68%   Total- 70%

D) Asia                                                               Female- 8%     Male- 8%    Total- 8%

9. How are girls involved in Joseph Kony’s operation?

A) They are not involved                                       Female- 8%     Male- 12%   Total- 10%

B) Used as soldiers                                             Female- 16%   Male- 24%   Total- 20%

C) Used as sex slaves                                         Female- 52%   Male- 36%   Total- 44%

D) Both B and C                                                  Female- 24%   Male- 28%   Total- 26%

10. How many countries have reportedly been affected by human trafficking?

A) 0-49                                                                Female- 40%   Male- 44%   Total- 42%

B) 50-99                                                              Female- 36%   Male- 32%   Total- 34%

C) 100-149                                                          Female- 12%    Male- 20%  Total- 16%

D) 150+                                                               Female- 12%   Male- 4%    Total- 8%


Here are a few of the results in chart form.


There is a lot of people out there that don’t know much about human trafficking. There are a few people that claimed that they knew a lot about sex slavery but when answering the questions had no clue. Then we have the people that know what is going on but don’t believe it is an issue. According to our survey three out of our ten questions females had the higher percentage get the correct answer also three out ten questions males had the higher percentage get the correct answer and there was one tie.


Collin French

I was actually surprised that there are many people out there that still don’t know about this problem. Even though coming into the class I never heard of sex trafficking before. I was also surprised at the amount of people who said they knew a lot about the issue but had no clue on the questions.

Preston George

I wasn’t surprised that most of the people our age were unaware of the very real problem of human trafficking. If more people were aware that this was going on then we would be able to take the steps necessary to prevent it.

Nick Torres

I wasn’t surprised that most of the people we surveyed either didn’t know or tried to pretend they knew. Coming into this class I had no clue there was a problem with human trafficking. More people need to know about this problem.


After getting the results we made the realization that more people need to not only know that sex trafficking is a problem but know more about the details of it. We believe if more people actually knew what was happening with sex trafficking than they would be more motivated to help. Some of the answers on the survey were different. People might have been answering incorrectly or not giving us their actual opinion. If there were more time a larger sample of people would have made the percentages more accurate to what the whole college thinks, also if we had more time it would have been nice to sit down and see why people answered a certain question.

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