Survey Analysis

With our in class survey we tried to figure out how much people knew about labor trafficking. Our targeted audience was Midwest American citizens because we are so secluded and don’t hear about anything with human trafficking out here. We obtained our results through the website survey monkey. We choose survey monkey because it allowed us to obtain more people than just people in Mcpherson and with efficiency. The biggest challenge with using the free version of survey monkey it allowed a certain amount of questions we could ask which prevented us from asking all the questions that we desired to ask.
1. Have you heard of human trafficking before?
2. Do you think it happens in the United States?
3. Is it important to work towards preventing human trafficking?
4. If yes, do you think the government should be doing something about preventing human trafficking?
5. Do you think that labor unions would be able to prevent human labor trafficking?
6. Which do you believe is correct?
7. What do you think is the main reason people go into human labor trafficking?
8. Do you feel that human trafficking is a problem in America?
9. Is human trafficking a big problem?
The results of our survey was made up with an amount of 63 people.

Your results are composed of 63 people and of those 63 people 51% were aged 18 to 24 years old. 94% of the people that surveyed they agree that it takes place in the United States. Of all the people that surveyed only 87% of people feels like human trafficking is a big problem but only 83% believes it happens in the United States. 94% of the people surveyed feels that the government should do something, but 81% of people feels that labor unions would not stop labor trafficking. Of the people surveyed 96% believes that human trafficking is a growing problem, while the same amount of people thinks it’s important to prevent it.

The results weren’t very surprising to me. I believed going in to the survey that quite a few people would know about human trafficking and would want to stop it. I had also expected that not as many people would view it as a problem close to home. Maybe the most surprising aspect of the survey was that a lot of people didn’t believe that labor unions would be able to help solve the problem.

If we were to do this survey over again we would probably get the full version of survey monkey so that we can get all desired question. Overall we found this project not too difficult and a fun and easy way of see others people’s perspective on human trafficking.

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