Interview Report

The person that I interviewed was Dr. Bob Shannon. He is Superintendent of USD 383. The reason I chose him to interview him was because my paper is going to be about teaching a section or incorporating a human trafficking program into the school system/curriculum today. He was very helpful during this interview explaining that most education providers or faculty members do not know the full extent of human trafficking occurring in America today and would have to be informed on the topic before taking the step of implementation. This interview helped show me that most high schools or even the United States haven’t brought up how vast human trafficking is and how it effects us personally. That explanation would have to be the first step in implementation of a system in schools.

I asked him questions that brought up whether or not human trafficking should be brought up in schools today, what age group he thought would be appropriate to enlighten kids about this topic, if parents/ the board of education would approve of this topic, what reasons for turning down the topic would be, and how a system like D.A.R.E. over human trafficking might benefit our youth. His answers were rather shocking to me. He said that most educators do not know to what extent human trafficking is occurring in America today, that they know it exists but most believe it is stronger in other countries. That before human trafficking could be brought up in a the curriculum, the board and parents would need to be briefed on the subject. He said from a parents stand point if it is going to protect or prevent a future case from occurring they would definitely approve it but the board would have to see the well organized presentation to show the benefits of teaching it. He gave me an example of climate change, that most people are pushing for it to be taught in the curriculum today but there has yet to be a strong presentation of its benefits. The appropriate age for human trafficking to be brought up in his opinion would be around high school, it could potentially benefit an ethics or history class. Finally he said that implementation of a program along the lines of D.A.R.E. could be beneficial. This program would have to be voluntary though, and when it is voluntary you would only get those who are intrigued about this topic and not inform everyone which is what you truly need.

All in all this interview showed me how little our school system would be ready to teach the subject human trafficking in this current moment. That it is going to take a lot more people becoming informed and pushing this subject before it actually starts being taught to the youth on a regular basis.

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