Human Trafficking Interview

I decided to change my interviewee to my uncle Darrin Garrett, an ex-police officer that worked in the Kansas City area years ago. I chose him because he dealt with cases with human trafficking and thought he would be a suitable person to interview. Darrin Garrett was a police officer for eight years before he decided to pursue another career, but still know everything from those eight years of experience. I told him I’m interested to talk to someone that has expertise on the topic human trafficking and it’s for a class project. He was more than willing and I wanted to focus on women wanting to escape, but are too afraid of their pimps disciplining them if they get caught, so what are the appropriate steps to take to live a normal life.

I started off with the basic question, what is human trafficking and he told me “first off some people know nothing about human trafficking just what you see on T.V. and they don’t discover anything about it until someone approaches them about it”. I told him he’s exactly right because I knew nothing until my teacher told the class and I been interested ever since. He told me “human trafficking is the sale, transport and profit from human beings who are forced to work for others.” I asked why the federal government doesn’t do more to stop it. He said “the federal government has many initiatives targeted to remove human trafficking. However, it is not simply a problem of the federal government or even of state and local government or law enforcement; it is also a local problem”. He elaborated on people just like I can help with the problem. People encounter human trafficking, but decide to do nothing because either they don’t want to get involved because they might put their life in danger or they don’t know how to get involved. With that response I asked is there a safe way to get involved and he told me yes. First you want to do your research because you don’t want to be clueless. You want to know a little about the topic, so you can actually learn about human trafficking and be more successful at helping. There are different organizations like End Child Prostitution. .It focuses on protecting children from sexual mistreatment including prostitution and trafficking. It conducts support and awareness raising activities and provides technical help to organizations that are working to improve policy and legislation for the protection of children under 18 years old. My uncle already answered my next question I had for him. How can community members help stop human trafficking? My next question was do many traffickers get caught and convicted? It’s increasing, but not a big proportion because sometimes traffickers can just be migrant smuggling and with that they get convinced of something they didn’t do, so some people just leave the whole situation alone. Some victims don’t want to be helped because they are threaten by their pimps and are too scared to get help, leaving us with not much to work with. With that answer he already answered another question I had for him, what prevent women from escaping? He added to that answer saying being threaten is one of biggest problems because if someone told you I’m going to kill you then you do whatever they want you to do, so you abide by their every rule. I was a little surprised after the response from how is life after women from escaping because he told him me sometimes prosecutors take the easier route by prosecuting a trafficker of prostitution, immigration etc. On the other hand often governments offer protection to the victim and allow them to temporarily stay in the country, on the condition that they testify against their traffickers. With that answer I asked do women ever think about going back. Sometimes these women been prostitution majority of their lives and they tell themselves I’m not good at anything, basically convincing themselves to go back because that’s all they know and people might judge them outside of prostitution. The last question I asked was the most important to me. What are the necessary steps to take for a woman wanting to quit prostitution? If they can get in contact with organizations there are safe houses these women can go to be protected. These organizations reach out to women and they have done emergency interventions. Women are also rescued from police raids.

After the interview I really have gotten a better understanding of everything. To what is human trafficking to do many traffickers get caught and convicted. This definitely is going to help me with my research paper. The interview contributes in many ways because I have gotten a lot of unanswered questions answered by n expert.


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