Human Trafficking Interview

Coming from a small town in Kansas human trafficking isn’t a very well-known subject. Paola is a town of about 5,000 and to test the town’s knowledge I decided to interview some local law enforcement. I chose to interview Adam Hale who has worked both as a student resource officer and a police officer for the local department over the last eight years. This interview only reinforced my view that laws are not nearly strict enough against the people who run human trafficking.
Hale said that one of the few laws he knew about regarding human trafficking is the PROTECT Act of 2004. The PROTECT Act intends to protect children from abuse and sexual exploitation involved with human trafficking. However he also said that he doesn’t have much experience with human trafficking being in a small town. He also said that he feels the few laws he does know about are nearly strict enough or even begin to combat the issue. Hale added that he would like to make more laws focused solely on putting away the people away behind human trafficking for as long as possible. He has never been involved in a case of human trafficking, but he said he might one day as it is a growing problem unfortunately. He said it is most likely growing due to the lack of laws that would give a serious punishment to the human traffickers. Hale said that human trafficking is a big problem in the United States and needs to be made aware to citizens in order to take the first step in cutting down on the growing problem known as human trafficking.
I was very grateful for the chance to do this interview and found it quite helpful towards my research paper. I went in to this research project assuming that since human trafficking is a growing problem then there isn’t tough enough laws in place. Thanks to Adam Hale, I can confirm my suspicions and continue on with my research with a little more confidence. In hindsight however, I wish I would have asked more questions and probed a little more into what he thought of the issue as a whole, but the information I did get was quite helpful. All-in-all I was grateful for the opportunity to have my questions answered and found it extremely helpful in the process of doing my research paper.

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