Human Trafficking Interview

I interviewed Kevin Austin on April 4th at Central Christian College. Kevin Austin is a missionary working with Set Free to end human slavery and also spreads awareness about this issue. Set Free is a group working with many people and other groups to combat slavery. I chose to interview him because he has worked with victims in many countries around the world. He is very passionate about his work and was very happy to answer my questions. Not only did he answer my questions, but he also told me about some good places to look for information for research. This interview has helped me to understand better how many ways government corruption affects human trafficking and why the government officials become corrupt. I also learned how many countries have not created any laws at all to stop human trafficking. Below are my interview questions and answers.

  1. What does the organization you work for do to stop human trafficking/ modern slavery?  “Set free works with many partnerships ,such as world relief and international justice mission, to mobilize actions to stop human trafficking and slavery”

  2. Do you think that the United States border security problems cause human trafficking/ modern slavery to grow? “Yes, it is a huge problem because many people take advantage of the illegal aliens as they are easy targets since they have no citizenship and many times do not speak English.”

  3. Is government corruption one of the largest problems to overcome when trying to stop human trafficking/ modern slavery?     “Yes, especially in developing countries where laws are not in place against human trafficking.”

  4. In what states in the U.S. is human trafficking the most abundant?  “The cities with the biggest problems are Atlanta, Houston,  Los Angeles, and more of the places can be found at”

  5. Why does this state have more problems with human trafficking than others?  “Mainly cultural issues such as racism and poverty lead to these places having more problems.”

  6. What is your view on what needs to be done to stop human trafficking/ slavery?  “We need to not only change cultural values, but mobilize communities on all fronts ( local governments, law enforcement, awareness groups, schools)”

  7. Why would this be the best way to stop it? “This would be the best way because it encompasses all the things that need to be done to combat trafficking.”

  8. Are there laws in place that just help the traffickers instead of stopping them?  “In one hundred countries there are not any laws against human trafficking and some of the countries that do don’t enforce them.”

  9. What would be an example of such a law?  “What needs to be done about this is we need truly enforceable laws.”

  10. What laws do we need to stop human trafficking/ slavery? help the victims?  “We need bipartisan support to combat this problem, especially to support the Trafficking in Persons law.”



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