Interview on Human Trafficking with Jill Kestner

Yesterday,(4-6-14) I interviewed Mrs. Jill Kestner about her work in human trafficking. Mrs. Kestner is one of the members of my church back home and is involved with helping young women in prostitution rings around central Illinios. Here are my questions and her answers.
1: What made you interested in human trafficking? Specifically prostitution? “I first became interested in human trafficking when I found out that one of my very close friends had been a victim of trafficking for some time and had escaped many years before I met her.”

2: What do you think the worst part of human trafficking is? “Well all of it is pretty horrendous to think about, but I would say that the things that the victims are forced to do is one of the worst parts and the other thing that is really bad is living conditions, especially in other countries.”

3: Do you think that there is a possible end to human trafficking? “I believe that there will eventually be an end to it but until then I’m going to keep trying my best to fight it and help those that have been hurt because of it.”

4: what does trafficking do to a victims mind? “Trafficking can do alot to a persons mind. Some victims don’t have as much to deal with as others, therefore they recover more quickly while others take longer. Almost all the victims that I have dealt with have had to go through some form of recovery because of everything that was done to them.”

5: What would be the best way to help divert human trafficking? “In my opinion, the best way to divert human trafficking would be to have a program in the schools to inform young women how people become victims. I know that this wouldn’t fix eeverything but I think it would be a good place t start.”

6: What things do most victims have in common? “Most of the victims that I know have a few things in common. One of these things is being a child of foster care or having parents that weren’t involved when they were growing up. Another thing that I’ve found is that most of them had very little money and had to provide for themselves in some way.”

7: In your opinion, how big a problem is human trafficking today? “It’s a huge problem in todays times. millions of people are trafficked every year in almost every country and it will just continue to grow unless more people try to fight it with every resource that they have available to them.”

8: If you were in a victims shoes, how would you try to escape? “That’s a hard question for me because I’ve never been in that situation. So honestly I don’t know what I would do. The most likley thing for me to do would be for me not to cooperate with them. Even though not cooperating would most likely mean worse treatment, it would bu me time.”

9: Is there a specific reason that pimps try to exploit people? “The big reason is that it’s very profitable. For example, if a pimp had just two prostitutes and both of them had ten clients a day at $50 a client, that would make him have $365,000 a year before expenses. That’s alot of money and thats why pimps try to exploit and victimize people.”

10: If you had unlimited resources, what would be your first step towards ending humman trafficking? “Wow! I wish! The first thing I would probably do is get more people to help me with what I’m doing. Right now I work alone out of my house but some help would be very helpful.”


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