Interview Project

The person I interviewed wished to remain anonymous due to the sensitive subject about her.

1. How much experience do you have with sex trafficking?

I have learned about the subject and I actually know a few people that have been involved in it. I only know people that help victims. I personally don’t know any victims.

2. How do you relate to victims of sex trafficking?

As a kid, at the age of seven, I was raped. The man at the time was in his forty’s.

3. How many times did this take place?

Multiple times. Not sure of an exact number.

4. How long of a time period did this take place?

About two months.

5. Were you physically damaged?

I didn’t have much harm done to me. Until I started fighting it. After that I had bruises and I have one scar on my upper arm. I was thrown against a dresser and it cut me open.

6. So you fought back?

At first I didn’t maybe because I was in shock but mostly because I didn’t understand what was happening to me. After awhile I started to fight back. The majority of the times this happened was when I didn’t fight back. When I started fighting back it only happened a few more times.

7. Were you mentally damaged?

Yes I was.

8. How?

At first I didn’t know what was happening I was pretty young. I knew the pain I felt every time. As I started realizing what was happening I had nightmares, flashbacks and I was scared all the time. I also felt guilt.

9.How did you deal with it mentally and physically?

Physically I let the bruises heal over time. The one time I was thrown into a dresser he super glued it back together. No one ever saw the bruising or the cut on my arm. If they did see the bruising nothing was said.

10. What helped you the most?

Actually just talking to someone helped a lot. Just knowing that someone was there for me and cared helped so much.

11. How do you think you relate to the sex trafficking victims?

Well I was raped for one. I think I don’t come close to the pain that they felt. I only had one person, they have multiple. Mentally I might have had it worse. This person was someone I knew, and should have been able to trust.

12. With your situation and the situation of the sex trafficking victims what would you say to help them out.

Well I think it starts with the parents. Parents need to protect their children, especially at that age. Also in schools with the counselors and all the teachers. They need to inform the kids about it. People who want to help the cause can donate money if they cannot help in person. A person being there would really help because it shows these kids that people really do care and there is hope.





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