My Talk with Tom

Trafficking-e1354504232743It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon on the campus of McPherson College. I was walking to the Cafeteria so I could see Tom Hurst and talk. Tom Hurst is a professor at McPherson College, and in has been affiliated with the Brethren Church in the past. I walked into his office, and our conversation began. We talked about what he knows and what he thinks about sex trafficking.

Tom told me, “People are not aware of sex trafficking because they do not know what is going on around them in the United States.” People only know what is going on in their own town, and people do not adventure out to see how many bad things are going on in their own country. Tom believes this is why people are forced into sex trafficking more. They are not aware of how traffickers and pimps captured women and children to be forced into prostitution. As Tom’s face turned red and his sentences were started to come out of his mouth faster, he said, “Children are easier to be forced because they are smaller and not as educated as adult.”

I could tell that the topic of sex trafficking made express different kinds of emotion. As we talked about how traffickers and pimps force the victims to perform sexual acts Tom became angry because to him it was wrong and what they make the victims do is awful. Tom’s words ran together when he said, “Pimps will do anything they want to the victims.” He told me that the pimps beat their victims to create a fear inside the victim. This makes the victim scared to run away because the victim thinks the pimp will beat them. “It is awful, and it makes me sad because of those women and children go through,” Tom said while he rubbed his arm up and down. He told me pimps use drugs on the victims because it is easier to transport the victims to different places. He told me that pimps promises victims things in order to get the victim to do what the pimp wants.

Tom had a women and her child come into the church one time, and he said they were abused. The women and child would never tell Tom if they were sexually abused or in the sex trade, but he said he had a feeling because of the way they acted. The church helped the woman and child with whatever they needed, and that’s all Tom said about them. There are tons of people forced into sex trafficking. He said if the law wanted to do something to stop this they would because they can track were traffickers hide their victims, and this it could put an end to sex trafficking.

Tom told me that he thinks it would be a good idea for people to come speak at McPherson College about this topic to make everyone aware. Tom said, “But it should not all be terrifying news, but there should be hopeful stories told.”

As the conversation came to a end, and Tom was getting ready to go home from his office. Tom said, “There is hope that this will end because of people helping victims get out.” I enjoyed talking to Tom about this topic.


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