Sex Trafficking Interview

Sex trafficking and modern day slavery is not a well known topic, however, my best friend Peyton knows quite a bit about the subject. She has not only researched this topic, but she has been on multiple mission trips where she has interacted with victims of sex trafficking. Through out the interview I asked Peyton questions that got on a personal level. I started off by asking her what her personal definition of sex trafficking and slavery was. She answered with “People being bound to slavery and having sex against their own will.”

As we continued, I jumped more into what happens to the victims after they escape. Peyton says that she thinks the country should be more aware of whats going on, and more should be done to try and stop all of this from happening. She recently went on a mission trip to Panajachel Guatemala where she was with many children who could have been victims of sex trafficking. “I have no doubt in my mind that some of them were involved in child slavery and prostitution, but we tried to keep that out of our minds while we were there. We were there to support the kids and show them love. We played games with them and made them food. We tried to give them a sense of a real home.” (Peyton Meacham April 7th, 2014)

Another topic I touched through out the interview was what she could do personally to help stop all of this from happening. Peyton wants to make the seriousness of this issue more known to the public. “Of course everyone hears about what is happening over seas in other countries, but how much do they know about what is happening here in the united states?” (Peyton Meacham April 7th, 2014) Peyton wants to help work in shelters and support the victims once they have escaped. She believes that if we treat them no different than a normal human being, then they can get back into some what of a normal life. “We know that they have been through hell and back so it will take time for their battle scars to heal, but we should be willing to help them once they get out of trafficking, not separate them from the rest of society.” (Peyton Meacham April 7th, 2014)


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