Human Trafficking Interview

 I interviewed Terry Mann, who is a lawyer in labor disputes. She lives in Wichita Kansas. This is pretty much just my notes from what she said. If you want something clarified feel free to contact me.

It’s been an issue the past few years, trafficking victims act 2000 talks about human trafficking congress passed law. Courts have said that employers that are using people to perform work associated to the business have to apply to the fair labor act. True whether the person is here legally or not. Cannot recover lost wages since they were illegal, but the employer was required to pay the other stuff, employer’s responsibility. Still bound by the laws.

Her focus of practice since 1986, degree from Washburn University

Do help, they take away the advantage of free or reduced labor, must meet all the standards for employees to follow ocea, the issue is getting the people prosecuted, act gives people the authority to prosecute them.

Main strength fair labor standards act 1930s, dictates minimum wage and hours, prohibits child labor, been added on to over time. Don’t actually reflect current status, failed to keep up with modern technology.

If an employer violates the fair labor standards act and doesn’t pay minimum wage, process is to file a lawsuit, process is time consuming and expensive. 2 or so years. Gave prosecutes the power to take it from a criminal standard, before civil cases human trafficking statue, needs to be address and punished, helps move the process

Most companies try to comply with the laws, tricked into it, Walmart had a company to clean from an outside companies wasn’t following,

Thinks so, the department of justice has some info about this, there are more federal issues to this.

Better enforcement of our laws so that there aren’t any incentives to people who don’t comply. Keeps them from engaging in the conduct, other countries don’t have the same laws that we do, U.S. companies can be sued by people in other countries where they have people

Not as big of an issue in our area, big in areas where migrant workers are needed and in poverty stricken lives.

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