Human trafficking interview

The man i talked to was from and he was very nice. He did not have much time to talk so i only had time for the questions i had written down.

  1. How does your job relate to the awareness of human trafficking for teens?

I am a representative for the Human trafficking awareness partnership and I travel around the country teaching people of a variety of ages about human trafficking and how horrible and cruel it is.

  1. What can you assume will be the result of the efforts you are making?

We assume that these efforts will help maybe not a lot of people take this to an actual interest or do anything about it but are hope is that we can make those who are willing to take action aware and allow them to do something for the cause.

  1. what is something you are doing to help the teenage population be more aware?

Traveling to schools and talking to students is the big thing that we do to help the teenage population be more aware. These presentations give an opportunity for those who do not know to learn about human trafficking and the affect it has on women and men and children around the world and even in the united states.

  1. what is another way you can get the teenage population to look at human trafficking other than it is a horrible thing?

We like to see human trafficking as a chance for people to show what kinds of people they really are and make a difference in the world we live. 

  1. what can you assume about your job and teaching teens?

I can assume that my job will make a difference in some lives and human trafficking.

  1. do you think these questions helped you at all with how you will teach?

It may spur some new ideas along the way and I hope it does because it is always good to find new innovative ways to teach people and inform them of this problem.

  1. how have your efforts to of spreading the word and making people aware helped so far?

We have had a couple new people come into the program from the presentations we have made and we like to think that the human trafficking is being demolished in the process.

  1. do you think one day human trafficking will be abolished for good and not exist at all?

I do not believe human trafficking will ever be 100% demolished but I believe that It can be 99% demolished if we can get the awareness spread worldwide.

  1. What is the most important thing to know about human trafficking?

Making people aware of human trafficking is a big thing that needs to happen but that is only one step in the process. prevention and recovery are big parts of the process to get rid of human trafficking as well.

   10. What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is seeing the new prospects that really take this subject to heart and want to make a difference in anyway they can find to. 

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