Interview with Andrew Cornwell

Andrew Cornwell is a police officer in Arlington, Texas, with whom i had the pleasure of interviewing April 10th. officer cornwell was formerly a street cop but is currently involved with the investigation of robbery and theft with the Arlington police department. As a police officer, officer Cornwell has come into contact with human trafficking on numerous occasions. this is the knowledge he had to share from our interview. understand that this isn’t word for word how the conversation went but is based on me writing  down officer cornwells answers to my questions and notes i took during our phone call.

1. Lets start small, do you enjoy police work?

A: absolutely, everyday is different, you get to see and do things normal people don’t get to. it definitely beats having a desk job

2. Arlington has the reputation of being a nice area, but is human trafficking still present there?

A: not on a large scale, but it definitely has a presence

3. could you describe what kind of presence is there?

A: just a bunch of small-time operations like 1 pimp and a few girls. like i said these operations are small which is why you never see them in the news or anything. i guess you could say it kind of goes unnoticed

4. whats the best way to combat this in Arlington?

A: as a street cop something will happen like, we’ll get tipped off about suspicious activity around a house. well go investigate and discover something like a brothel being ran there. It isn’t uncommon to find girls under the age of 18 working at these things when we do find them.

5. Other than this, is there a better way to catch people responsible for this crime?

A:i think so, these pimps or whoever they are, sometimes advertise these women online on places like craigslist. there are people in the department whose job it is to set up meetings with these people and try to catch them in a false deal. this is usually easier said than done.

6. what would help prevent or stop human trafficking in Arlington?

A: there are other things the Arlington police department could do, but do to a lack of resources it cant. to put it simply i guess just more money.

7. do you think that human trafficking could eventually be eradicated?

A: unfortunately no, there’s always going to be someone desperate enough or sick enough to commit this kind of thing, sadly i think this will always be a problem.

8:Do you believe the punishment these criminals receive for their crimes is just?

A: for the most part yes, but i hear stories of some of these guys slipping through the cracks every once in a while.

9: statistics show that 5 out of every 9 sex trafficking victims in new York that are women are from Kansas. why do you think this is?

A: I’m not too knowledgeable on the subject but if i had top guess I’d say there’s probably a large operation going on up there involving taking advantage of and kid napping women.

10: According to your knowledge and experience in law enforcement, where is human trafficking the most active

A: Its consistently more active in large cities and metropolitan areas, but its incredibly frequent to hear about that kind of thing going on down by the border and in mexico.

This was a pretty educational conversation i had with officer Cornwell, i don’t really feel like this format does it justice. I’m glad i got to interview a cop because it seemed like he had a story for everything, making it a much more interesting interview



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